Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Dark Knight Rises Movie - Dark Knight Sequel

The Dark Knight Rises MovieBatman fans have been longing for a sequel to the Dark Knight since the first day it was released. Well now the sequel is definitely under way, Director Christopher Nolan just revealed the official title of Batman 3: the movie sequel to the Dark night is going to be titled The Dark Knight Rises.

Unfortunately it won't be in 3D, but I guess Christopher will at least use IMAX cameras for a few scenes.

The main villain of the Dark Knight Rises movie hasn't been announced, but Nolan did rule out Mr Freeze and the Riddler. Because of the similarity of the new sequel's title with the previous film, some are speculating that Two Face may show up again (wouldn't be such a feat for him to rise from the dead, it's indeed something pretty common in the universe of comic books). But well, that's still speculation as of now, and how to explain the casting of Tom Hardy for a lead role, and the fact that they're also looking for a female lead?

Well no need to speculate further about the main villain of the Dark Knight Rises movie, he or she will be announced soon enough.

More details about the Dark Knight Rises movie soon. And, meanwhile, share your thought about Batman 3 The Dark Knight